Hollywood Jackets

Hollywood stars have always been crazy about the leather jackets. And Leather Jackets have been essential part of their clothing for a very long time and will continue to be so in future as well. Do have any idea how many Hollywood super hero character wouldn’t have been super heroes without their Leather Jackets or costumes. Over the years Leather Jackets has played a very essential role in styling and trend setting in not only Hollywood but around the world. When it comes to trend setting Hollywood Stars and Leather Jackets go hand in hand. We will share few examples of our beloved Hollywood Celebrities who really made a mark in fashion industry and trend setting with their highly stylish Leather Jackets.
Hollywood history clearly reflects that countless film’s leading men have turned to the leather jacket for an iconic look. How can forget the Hollywood Celebrity Harrison Ford’s power packed performance and stylish attire he donned in Indiana Jones. As per Ford he did suffer bit due to the unpractical nature of a leather jacket in those circumstances, but he inevitably looked cool saving the day. Hollywood legend Marlon Brando truly rocked with an iconic fashion moment playing as Johnny Strabler in the motorcycle gang drama The Wild One (1953) where he donned sexy leather jacket that is still famous and high on trending to current date. Current Hollywood legend Brad Pitt has been seen in many movies but perhaps one of his most applauded roles is when he played as Tyler Durden in Fight Club (1999). Pitt’s nicely shaped body earned him attention in the film but his blood red leather jacket was not to be taken for granted.
It has not just been about the fashion statement or trend setting, in fact Leather Jackets have also been essential to all our Hollywood super hero characters. Comic characters and science fiction based movies are very popular in Hollywood these days. And what makes Comic Character an actual super hero is the costume he/she wears. All our Hollywood Super Heroes and Villains like Batman, Superman, Captain America, Atman, Bucky Barnes, Wolverine, Terminator, Black Widow, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Deadpool, Wonder Woman, Bat Girl and etc. all look like Super Characters only in their stylish leather costumes. The recently released Hollywood movie Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron was a big hit and all the characters in the were just Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evan, Robert Downey, Clint Barton, Samuel Jackson and Anthony Mackie and not Thor, Black Widow, Captain America, Iron Man, Jeremy Runner, Nick Fury and Falcon if they didn’t had Amazing designed Leather Jackets or Costumes.